Why Should I Hire Chauffeur Services In Singapore?

Hiring chauffeuring services in Singapore seems like a bougie expense, but it is indeed a common occurrence, especially for businessmen and entrepreneurs who are on a business trip. With that said, it has also been gaining traction for other purposes and special occasions as well.
The main draw to chauffeur services, as compared to other rental services, or even private hire services, would be that the chauffeur experience provides you with the luxurious experience of being able to pick and choose your desired type of vehicle. Drivers are also professionally trained to serve guests from all walks of life, and will ensure the safety and comfort of the commute, allowing you to experience the commute as the journey in itself.
Here are some tips that you can consider before embarking on this service for different occasions that may require this service:

For Expats and Travellers:

For esteemed travellers who wish to experience the Airport Limo Transfer Service, to be driven in comfort from the airport to their destination with efficiency, ease, and in a luxurious manner, hiring chauffeur services could be the option for you. The difference between hailing a cab and that of a chauffeur service is that the former would require an advanced booking, or to go withstand long waiting lines whereas for the latter, there is an option of a dedicated driver, who will assist you with the whole process of commuting. This may be especially useful if you are new to the country and is unfamiliar to the area.
In cases of airport transfers, possibly requesting for a sedan/MPV with sufficient boot capacity would be recommended. Some models to consider are: Toyota Camry, Mercedes E class, Toyota Previa or Toyota Alphard
Expats and travellers can also adopt chauffeur drive services to ease travelling woes, and this service is especially convenient when you do not have a driving license, or you are someone who requires frequent travelling from one venue to another. Engaging with car rental companies for chauffeur services on disposal is optimal for clients who are on a tight schedule, saving precious time along the way, as our chauffeur drivers will be exclusively yours during the whole period of booking. A simple call and we will appear within 5-10 mins to escort you to your next destination.

For Corporate Events and Transporting VVIPs:

For VVIPs, the chauffeur service is the quintessential way of commuting. With a personalized chauffeur, the journey would not only be a smooth sailing one, but it could be one that is bathed in luxury. Upon request, our serviced vehicles could come with tinted windows: for privacy of our customers, free WIFI connection, Bluetooth capabilities and a great sound system for the best travelling experience, personalized for every and any type of event. For example, models like Mercedes E class/ Toyota Alphard, which costs around $480-650/day with a minimum 8 hours (excluding GST) would be well-suited for any event. As events vary, contact your car rental company for recommendations for the best suited vehicle to be catered to your event. In doing so, hiring a car rental company will not only help free up time by providing the logistics and meeting the event’s commuting needs but allows you to focus on more pressing event management issues at hand.

For Weddings:

Weddings are a once-in-a lifetime event, so nothing beats rolling up in luxury with the fanciest car that you have ever ridden for your big day. This is sure to blow your wedding dreams out of the water, with models such as Mercedes S Class. Having a professional chauffeur to drive you around, is the icing on the cake. You can also decorate the rental vehicles with florals, turning it into a pure spectacle. Unsure about which models best suit the wedding vibe that you are going for, have a call with your car rental company and share with them your plans for the bridal car(s), and they would probably recommend a few models that fall under your budget range and specifications. It is also recommended to call in at least 6 weeks in advance to secure your dream vehicles, with a personalized chauffeur that treats you like royalty for your special day.

For Large Group Events:

To cater for a large group of people during events (i.e.for sports events, bachelor parties, birthday parties), mini buses are the go-tos as they enable all passengers to be travelling together in the same vehicle. They ensure that there is sufficient room for both persons and their personal belongings. Models to consider are: 13 seater minibus (hourly or whole day charter) or a 23 seater minibus (hourly or whole day charter)

Chauffeur Drive Services at BizLink Rent-A-Car

Car rental companies like BizLink Rent-A-Car do provide chauffeur drive services with a range of selection of vehicle types and models. We also provide a trained team of professional chauffeurs that will be helming the wheel, taking your esteemed guest to their destinations with style and comfort. As the prices and vehicles best suited for each and every client and event differs, please do not hesitate to give BizLink Rent-A-Car and the support team a call at +65 6285 6616 to receive the most updated and accurate information about fleet availability and quotation rates today.

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