Why Renting a Car For Your Road Trip Beats Driving Your Own?

Road trips are great opportunities to unwind yourself with a mini weekend getaway or an adventurous cross country trip. The key purpose of a road trip is not only the destination but the journey there, being in the car you are driving as you would be spending most of your time in it. Hence, it is imperative to find a car which caters to your travel needs and that of your travel companions such as the storage space, comfort, capacity and car specifications. With the long-awaited easing of covid measures by the government, the Singapore-Malaysia land border is finally opened as of 1 April 2022. 

With the reopening of our land border after 2 years, large crowds of travelers have been waiting eagerly, anticipating the reopening of borders on 31 March 2022 midnight. As of 1 April 2022 5pm, 33,700 have crossed the border with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority recording 27,600 people departing Singapore via the Causeway and Second Link. Of the 27,600 travelers, 9,700 traveled via cars. Now the question posed to both Singaporeans and Malaysians is if they are willing to risk the condition of their vehicle by driving and squeezing your way into such hectic crowds. Here we will be discussing the perks of seeking a short term car rental as opposed to driving your own vehicle for road trips. 



Wear and Tear

A road trip would mean traveling for long distances cross country. For instance, you would expect to drive hundreds of kilometers in Malaysia, inevitably taking a massive toll on your personal vehicle. This translates to an increase in maintenance, service and repair expenses, putting a hole in your bank account. 


Foreign Insurance

You can also drive with a peace of mind knowing that Bizlink cars are also insured in Singapore and also across the border in Malaysia, with comprehensive insurance covering every aspect of the rented vehicle and/or third parties. 


Depreciation Costs

A sudden massive rise in mileage would lay heavy costs on your car, even if you do not notice it right away. Any distance covered by your vehicle would result in the wear and tear of your engine, tires and other parts of your vehicle, resulting in higher depreciation expense. An article by ItStillRuns calculates that the typical depreciation rate for an average SUV is about 21cents per km which converts into $168 for 800km (length of Malaysia). 


Fuel Consumption

You have the liberty to rent newer car models which have better fuel mileage which translate into more efficient fuel consumption, essentially cutting down on your fuel budget. 



Rent a Car With Foreign License

Worried that you are unable to drive into foreign countries with a Singaporean license? Fret not. Fortunately, governments of ASEAN countries Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia and Philippines have signed an agreement to recognise all domestic licenses from one another. Specifically, a Singapore driving license is permitted in Malaysia so long as you are not staying in the country for more than 90 days. Similarly, a Malaysian driving license is able to rent a car in Singapore if you have been in Singapore for less than a year. 



Bizlink car rental services provides nationwide delivery services to your doorstep or any location of your choice. Visitors to Singapore can access our services as soon as they cross our borders and are ready to commute. Having completed their stay, simply inform us in advance and car collection will be provided at the location of your choice and convenience. 




If you are dubious about your personal car’s performance and risk breaking down in the middle of a godforsaken deserted area with no available help nearby during your road trip, renting a car is clearly the best option moving forward with your highly anticipated vacation. 

Here at Bizlink car rental services, we do our utmost best to keep our fleet of cars in its top working condition. Our cars are constantly well maintained and serviced promptly whenever it is due to offer our customers the satisfaction they seek after. 


24-Hour Towing Service

In an unlikely situation where you face any issue with the given vehicle (accidents or breakdowns etc), simply give us a call and we will offer any roadside assistance and arrange towing services at any point of time. 



Wide Range of Choices

Here at Bizlink, we offer a wide variety of car. From sedans, to executive, to MPVs and SUVs of various brands and models for you to choose from in order to create perfection for your much anticipated road trip. 

Sedans generally run on lower fuel consumption and are of smaller make. Renting cars of smaller makes is packaged with the confidence to maneuver the vehicle with ease in unfamiliar foreign terrains especially if you are not all experienced in driving. 

MPVs(multi-purpose vehicle) on the other hand, comes in handy when you are traveling back to Malaysia during festive seasons or special occasions etc Hari Raya or Family Events where you require a car to cater to a large travel group of extended family or travel friends. 


Trying Something New 

A road trip can be an excellent opportunity to test-drive new cars and go the distance with cars of different makes and brands which presents a more compelling experience as opposed to lapping a few rounds around your local car dealership.  


Suiting Your Needs

The foremost thing about a road trip is to select the right car for the job. For example, you will be covering distance for most part of the day, you would want something comfortable with enough suspension to reduce the bumpiness of the ride. SUVs are generally better for long-distance driving as compared to sedans or smaller cars due to its spacious and commodious make, allowing passengers to travel comfortably. SUVs also have larger wheels and better suspension travels for bad and broken roads. Its capacious cargo space allows for more storage for supplies, luggage and equipment. Furthermore, you would like to strongly consider SUVs for its better performance on slippery roads and mountainous terrains. 


Just Wanting a Sweet Ride

Remember, a road trip is your vacation to take a break from your usual routine. It’s time to treat yourself with a faster, newer and cooler looking car for your hard earned and well deserved trip. At Bizlink, we offer a selection of luxurious sedans to serve as your final piece to your perfect holiday plan if that is what you’re heading for. 



Here are a few scenarios where renting a car would be more ideal for you

  • Having travel companions unable to withstand long traveling hours on public transport such as elderlies, babies and wheelchair users etc.
  • Traveling in large groups with extended family members or friends
  • Completing a cross-country trip, covering as many places as possible e.g. Singapore>Johor Bahru>Malacca>Kuala Lumpur
  • Visiting places inaccessible via public transport
  • Doing some off-road driving to nature reserves or rural settings. You might want a vehicle able to hold both your passengers and gears. You would also be unwilling to risk your personal car to damages and filth it might sustain from these off-road settings.



Visit Bizlink Rent-a-Car Pte Ltd for many available short term car rental deals. Let us extend our hand and help you construct the perfect vacation with a wide selection of cars to suit your needs. You may choose to arrange an online booking, or contact our sales associates at 62856616 and we will do our utmost best to respond to any queries in every way we can. Let’s begin your journey and leave your footprint in each and every vacation with Bizlink.