What Is The Difference Between Types of Hybrid Cars

In continuation from our previous article on “The Fascination With Hybrid Cars For Car Rental?”, this article would go into detail as to how each type of hybrid car fares in comparison to each other based on these key reasons to allow one to find the hybrid that best suits your every commuting need.


Different Types of Hybrid Cars 

Not all hybrids are made the same. There are 3 different types of hybrid cars: (1) the mild hybrids; (2) full hybrids and (3) the plug-in hybrids. 


Mild Hybrids 

Mild hybrid vehicles are the go-to cars for car owners transitioning from conventional cars to electric cars. Being the mildest of the lot with two power sources, the car is powered by an electric motor in conjunction with a combustion engine. The system gives a small boost to the vehicle to aid in power consuming functions like sudden accelerations, warm up and other system operations such as air conditioning, on the gasoline system. To recharge the batteries, energy can be converted from the gasoline system, or via the regenerative braking system.


For car users who would prefer a vehicle that they are more traditionally used to, while prefer having a system that is more environmentally friendly, one can opt for the mild hybrids. Moreover, mild hybrids are cost effective, both in terms of its cost effective fuel efficiency, and that they are also more affordable than electric and other hybrid vehicles. 


For coasting, the experience is equally pleasurable as the gasoline engine could be switched off and the battery powered system can take over, ensuring higher fuel efficiency and cost savings. Furthermore, for car users that may be worried about not having electric charging stations in the location of drive, mild hybrids may be a superior choice as it continues to use gasoline as the main form of energy, while having the extra boost and fuel efficiency from the braking system. 


Models that have mild hybrid cars include: Mazda 3, Kia Sportage, Suzuki Swift Sport, BMW X3. 


Full Hybrid/Parallel Hybrid

A full hybrid uses both the combustion engine and electric motors to power the car, either simultaneously or independently. Holding up small amounts of electric charge, it improves fuel efficiency as it aids the combustion engine in power consuming functions, similar to that of the mild hybrids. 


However, as compared to the mild hybrids, full hybrids can switch to full-electric mode, especially useful for cruising at low, constant speeds, which creates fuel efficiency as well. Nonetheless, full hybrids provide one of the best ranges, and are especially useful for commuters who rack up a lot of kilometres of travel daily. 


Most common type of hybrid car: Toyota Prius, Honda Insight, Honda Civic Hybrid


Plug in Hybrid 

Being endowed with larger batteries that could be charged by an external charging port enables plug-in hybrid vehicles to most resemble those of electric vehicles. The plug-in hybrid vehicles require plugging into the main electrical source to fully recharge the battery and run on just electric mode. Being the closest to electric vehicles, make this version the most environmentally friendly. Hence, this may be a good option for die-hard environmentalists as the society transitions into a more EV-friendly one. 


With larger batteries, Plug-Ins can run up to 50km on full electric mode in a single charge. In doing so, one could actually forgo the combustion engine altogether if one charges in time for the drive. However, due to technological advancement, the plug-ins tend to be the most expensive of the lot. 


Model of plug-in car include: Lexus NX450h, Audi A6, Mercedes E Class


Which Hybrid Car is Most Suitable For Car Rental Customers Like Me? 

A few factors determine the eventual choice of which hybrid car best suits your needs: 


For short term car rental, most customers come in with a specific set of considerations: (1) costs, (2) fuel efficiency, (3) urgency of requests and (4) charger availability. For example, car rental customers who are environmentally cautious and are considering using a hybrid for overseas travels (i.e. trips to Malaysia), would typically prefer a mild hybrid. This is due to the perceived unknown of the number of charging stations available in a foreign country, and would settle for a more conservative hybrid option. In other cases, for short term car rental for multiple trips in Singapore, one could perhaps consider opting for Full Hybrid or Plug In Vehicles for better fuel efficiency and fuel costs savings. 


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