The Fascination With Hybrid Cars For Car Rental

What is a Hybrid Car? 

As global trends start to direct their attention to more sustainable ways of travel, hybrid vehicles may reach the same outcome as their gasoline counterparts – being replaced by electric vehicles. However, before taking the great leap into the world of Electric Vehicles, Hybrid cars have taken the car industry by storm being the in-between model, slowly adjusting both consumer and industry’s infrastructure to welcome a more fuel-efficient way of commuting.


Zero-Emission Vehicles Continue to Grow in Demand 

Scientists have established that climate change and global warming has had inundating effects on Earth, creating irreversible and irrevocable changes to both ecosystems and humans alike. What seemed as a myth a couple of decades ago, have now morphed into a terrifying yet eerily real reality where our Earth has been battling. 


Cities would have to find ways to continue work and living, while tapping on creativity, technology and financial resources to revamp and renew the way we work, live and play in a more sustainable and eco-friendly manner.


With land transport accounting for about 15% of Singapore’s emission, and one-third of the source of emissions, it sets out to achieve a reduction of Singapore’s land transport emissions by 80 per cent from its 2016 peak of 7.7 million tonnes by 2050 and en route towards net zero emissions.


This phenomenon has already seen its effect taken flight. According to the International Energy Agency, over the pandemic, while the global number of car sales dropped by 16%, electric vehicles saw a growth of 41% of sales in 2020. In Singapore, the sales of zero-emission veicles (including Hybrids & EVs) in 2022 has also tripled from previous years, accounting for 1 out of 10 new vehicle registrations. 


Reasons to Opt for a Hybrid Vehicle: 

It may take a lot to take the leap of faith from a conventional car to a hybrid one, and perhaps While different types of hybrids have their own personality and key selling points, here is a summary of why hybrids may be a superior choice as compared to their counterparts.


  1. Fuel efficiency:Most naturally, hybrids burn less fuel, hence emitting less carbon monoxide and other dangerous gas that are harming our ecosystem and improving air quality.
  2. Reduced noise pollution: Conventional cars have an internal combustion mechanism that creates power by creating thousands of mini explosions of air and fuel mixture to produce energy, which produces loud noises when being ignited. Alternatively, electric motors of which hybrid cars possess, produce much less noise. Hence, when hybrid cars are assisted by electric motors when powered, or with the electric motors being solely used when cruising on roads, the combustion engine does not work as hard, significantly reducing noise pollution, creating a more conducive commuting experience for both drivers, passengers and passers-by alike.
  3. Lowering fuel costs: Due to hybrid car’s regenerative braking mechanism that recaptures more than 70% of the kinetic energy typically lost to heating when the car brakes, and converts it into electrical power, it costs less fuel to power a hybrid car. This is a stark difference from conventional braking technology, where typically, the friction between the brakes, pads and rotors cause the car to slow down. That electricity is also stored in the car’s battery which powers the electric motor, thereby lowering the costs of fuel for drivers significantly. 
  4. Less maintenance:Since hybrids use the electric motors, there is less friction on the engine and brakes, which in the long run leads to less breakdowns and maintenance of the car.
  5. Fit for every kind of drive: Hybrid cars come in many models and functionality, catering to a wide variety of commuting needs of drivers and passengers. When cruising, one would use the electric motors, producing zero-emission and an effortless drive; while at high speeds, the power of the combustion engine kicks in, allowing for a strong and powerful drive. 


Accessibility is Key

In the adoption of hybrid cars, accessibility of charging ports is paramount. As such, there have also been steps to implement EV-ready towns, where EV charging stations are set to be installed at nearly 12,000 HDB car parks by 2025, ahead of its previous schedule of 2030, and about 60,000 charging points islandwide by end of 2030. ahead of its previous schedule of 2030 (Announced by Singapore Land Transport Authority: on Nov 2, 2022). Additionally, with an average of around 300 miles of mileage per charge for hybrid vehicles, the concern of having difficulties charging or refueling becomes less of a concern, and it is in hopes that hybrid vehicles become more of a common-place in today’s day and age, as we move towards the goal of zero-emissions. 


Hence, as time goes by, the barriers to the adoption of hybrid vehicles fade, and with public infrastructure for electric charging gets fine tuned, internal combustion vehicles may slowly become a thing of the past, with hybrids and EVs leading the next revolution of how we travel and commute.  


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