Tell us about your experience with BizLink.

Nothing but good things to say about the service levels from Bizlink – If there is anything wrong with the car or it needs a service, it is swapped out and replaced until the original is fixed at a convenient time and place for you – no ifs, buts or maybes. Very impressive.

Mr. Steve Settle

I lease an Audi A4 from Bizlink. I must say the service from them is first class. Sourcing the car was straightforward and I have had a couple of issues since taking the car – one was a battery problem with the key. Each time the response was very prompt and efficient.

Mr. Paul Cooper

I have been with Bizlink for the past 3 years. Excellent customer service. Seamless transition with replacement car for every scheduled service. Great responsiveness for every incidental needs. Very competitive pricing strategy.

Mr. Denzel Ng

I would like to compliment the team from Bizlink for their professionalism and efficient service. As a customer, I was very satisfied based on the following reasons below; – Vehicle in good condition – Trustworthy and friendly team – Fast and smooth transaction process – Great responsiveness – Provided flexible pricing during circuit breaker I will rent again from Bizlink if needed in the future and will also recommend to others.

Ms. Sha T

We have been customers of Bizlink for the last 7 years. The team are competitively priced, very responsive and always provide us exceptional service that has taken away all the headaches and hassle of managing a vehicle in Singapore. Highly recommend

Mr. Cietan Kitney

We have been extremely happy dealing with the entire team at Bizlink. They have always been exceptionally responsive and professional to deal with. We would recommend them without hesitation.

Ms. Jane C

Very responsive and great service, can recommend for rolling short-term or long-term rentals. 

Ms. Anna Lidén

Very positive experience so far. Great service, very quick response and staff are all very friendly.

Ms. Charlotte de Charentenay

I recently rented a car from Bizlink Rent-A-Car Pte Ltd, and I would like to comment that the whole process has been smooth, awesome and fuss-free. I have visited a few places 2 to 3 places looking for car rental, but it is only Bizlink Rent-A-Car that is able to help me resolve my problem on the spot. Keep up the good job! I will definitely rent from them again, in the future.

Mr. Benjamin Yong

The transaction process was smooth, fast, and simple, would definitely recommend this to everyone!!

Mr. Matthew Quek

I cannot speak highly enough of the staff and experience at Bizlink. It was the smooth, friendly and very customer focused. The operations team were always on hand to help and accommodate with my smallest of needs, the finance team were phenomenal and always sweet, friendly and easy to deal with. Thank you all so much team and much love from my family to yours

Ms. Maha Elsahhar

I’ve tried multiple other car rental companies for the past 2 years but haven’t settled with any until I tried Bizlink. Bizlink provides one of the widest range of car selections from one of the widest range of car brands and they’re all priced reasonably. It helps that the staffs are competent, professional & provides great before and after-sales service. Will definitely come back again when I need car rentals!

Mr. Jason Tan

Great Service from start till end. It started from the moment I walked into the business office. The whole atmosphere was so positive and friendly. The account manager who handled my booking. He was totally professional and reliable. No nonsense company. They do not find ways to confiscate your deposit, unlike some nasty companies I’ve heard of. The car was in perfect condition and I truly enjoyed my experience of driving the Mazda 3. Thank you again, Bizlink. I will definitely be back!

Mr. Prem Muniandy

Cars in great condition, quick and efficient rental process. Definitely Recommended.

Mr. Vishal Gera

Good quality and best experience. All staffs are kind. Thank you.


They do the most important thing right: exceptional customer care.

Mr. Benjamin Abbott

We used Bizlink’s services for almost two years when we first arrived in Singapore. From the start, Raymond and his team could not have been more helpful, providing us with a car on the same day that we called them and handling all of the paperwork and insurance for us. Throughout our rental with Bizlink, any technical issues that we might have encountered were dealt with immediately and a replacement car sent out swiftly. The quality of their vehicles was always 5* and as our family and needs grew they were always able to accommodate us. We would highly recommend Raymond and his lovely colleagues.

Mrs. Pollyanna Wholey

It has been a great experience leasing the car from Bizlink. Competitive pricing structure and excellent aftersale services. It just makes the whole experience so pleasant.

Mr. Den NG

We used BizLink on recommendation of a friend, and what a good decision. Fantastic service, great response times, super flexible and great value. Thanks BizLink.

Mr. Jonny Conlan

We rented a car from Raymond and BizLink for the duration of our 4 year stay in Singapore. Competitive pricing and excellent service. Would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone moving to Singapore or looking for a better deal 10/10

Mr. Andy Jackson

I found the entire BizLink team to be extremely customer oriented. Whether it’s the ease of making payments, picking up and returning the car from my home or office for routine maintenance, or addressing other enquiries. The entire team is focused on the consumer experience. Everyone I have dealt with at BizLink has been very responsive and professional.

Mr. Lijim Lau

Amazing service and after service! (;
Have used bizLink cars for almost more than 3 years .
Very quick response and fast service provided.

Ms. Daga Sweta

When we arrived in Singapore as expats, we were looking for a solution that was cost-effective, flexible, and hassle-free and would allow for travel back and forth to Malaysia on a regular basis. That is precisely what Bizlink has provided for us over the last four years. Servicing has been painless with a loaner car always available and delivery to my workplace or elsewhere when needed. Roadside assistance after-hours when we had an accident was quick and they had us in a new vehicle the next day. I would highly recommend Bizlink to anyone considering a car in Singapore.

Mr. Gregory Bryant Purcell

We rented a car from BizLink for 3 years while living in Singapore. During that time Raymond Tan and his team provided a very professional level of service. Everything was taken care of. Raymond always responded promptly to any requests or needs that we had. If our car required maintenance or servicing, a replacement was arranged immediately for us at our convenience. Renting a car from BizLink was hassle and trouble free and we were extremely happy with the reliability and responsiveness of Raymond and his team. As a result, we also recommended BizLink to friends.

Mr. Kevin Rose

I have found BizLink to be extremely attentive to my needs and have shown a remarkable ability to respond to those needs quickly and effectively when required. A great organization with which to do business.

Mr. Nicholas Edward Pitt

When I came to Singapore, I was eager to rent a car to assist me in moving around and enjoying my stay. My friends advised me about BizLink and I totally believe that they were right. I rented a 7-seater car from BizLink and utilized it for two years. BizLink proven to me that they deserve every penny paid for the car rental. The staff’s professionalism, fast response, efficiency and excellent car maintenance are things to be highlighted. I remember one day I had a leaking air in two tires and when the car came back after maintenance; all four tires were replaced with new ones. I travelled with the car a lot to Malaysia and I never had a single problem on the highways. I believe the company strategy of investing on the best class maintenance is paying back. I will rent from BizLink a car every time I come to Singapore.

MR. Mohammed Almukhlifi

The BizLink folks were brilliant. They provided us with great cars, great service and help that went beyond their duty. Highly recommended!

Ms. Sue Flotow

A good friend of mine recommended Raymond and BizLink and my experience with them has been fantastic. From delivery of the car to pick up, the friendly and efficient service is exceptional. I would be happy to recommend.

Mr. Andrew Scott Ralph

The BizLink team have been extremely helpful and flexible for us. Any small issues with the car would be resolved quickly and efficiently by their team, and a replacement vehicle provided immediately. They took the time to develop a friendly relationship with us and were always considerate of our family needs when we needed support or flexibility.

Mr. David S A

I have rented a car from BizLink Rent-a-Car for almost 2 years. Starting from the handover at my place to the pick-up at the hotel when leaving Singapore, it was simply a hassle-free and pleasant experience. The company accommodated to my needs whenever required including picking up the car for servicing and returning it to my place while I was travelling abroad. In summary: no problems, reliable and a great service – I would definitely choose them again.

Dr. Norbert Kratz

Commerzbank AG

We leased cars from BizLink for the last four years in Singapore and have been consistently impressed with their customer service. Although we had few instances of car trouble, when we did, the team responded immediately to make sure we were not inconvenienced. On one occasion for example we locked the keys in the car on a public holiday and within one hour they had someone bring the replacement set to help us carry on with our schedule! Their rental terms were also very competitive and Raymond who personally looked after us was always on hand to help at a moment’s notice with a very professional service. We would strongly recommend BizLink to anyone requiring their services.

Mr. Patrick Richardson

Managing Director

Asia, Willis Aerospace

One of the more difficult tasks for an expat who lands in Singapore is trying to figure out how to get a car for their stay here. Do you try and bid for a COE and buy a car? Do you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend? Do you rent? If so, what selection is available and from whom? Raymond Tan and the team at BizLink Rent-a-Car provide a no hassle, turnkey service for expats and for the past 4 years, I have used them for several rentals for myself and my family. From a new Prius to a Volvo XC90 for the family to a BMW 5 series for myself, they have been able to get me any vehicle I need for a reasonable price. It is however, their service that sets them apart…if you have any issue with your vehicle, you just call their 24-hour line and they take care of everything. They also have loaners that they deliver to your home or office when it is time for your vehicle to be serviced. I strongly suggest that you give Raymond and his team a call.

Mr. Jeff Thomas

We leased a car from BizLink for three years. Raymond and the team provided an excellent service, they were very reliable and flexible when required. I can only recommend them.

Mr & Mrs Oliver Kolf

I have rented a Toyota Fortuner for over 3 1/2 years from BizLink and I found the service to be exceptionally good. The car performed remarkably well during this period and when it came to servicing, BizLink always worked around my schedule to avoid any inconvenience for myself. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who needs a car rental/lease here in Singapore.

Mr. Peter Mc Donnell

Ex President

Modec Management Services Singapore

I have been an expat in Singapore for 2 years now, and have enjoyed the use of a company car arranged through BizLink. The service provided is very much in line with what I had already come to expect of such things in Singapore: very efficient indeed. So far, so good. Where BizLink broke the mould (and when you learn your true friends) was in times of trouble: my wife suffered a nasty car accident and BizLink showed that it goes beyond an efficient service. Yes, the wreck was dealt with, and yes, a replacement car was organized on short notice, all with minimum fuss. But the personal support and follow-up throughout was truly exceptional, with BizLink thinking ahead and adding a personal touch every step of the way. This is more than a world-class service.

Mr. Paul J Hoogeveen

BizLink Rent-a-Car were an invaluable part of our Singapore experience for our last past two years in Asia. My husband travels almost 90 percent of the time, and BizLink’s partnership has rescued me several times…. from dealing with a flat tire with kids in the car, to happily arranging car pickup for servicing around busy work, dance and gym class schedules, and even to giving me personal service on his own day off after an accident! Keep the BizLink card in your glove compartment and be assured that when you do use the number, that there is a caring, efficient team on the other end of the line that can solve your leased car issues in a timely and professional manner. They have provided a level of service and commitment that is really unsurpassed in our experience.

Ms. Theresa Cawthon

Abita Springs, Louisiana

Northwest Airlines Base Maintenance Operations has been a BizLink customer since 2004. We have been very satisfied with the cars, but more importantly, we have appreciated the superb service and flexibility. Our operational requirements have people moving in and out of Singapore on a regular basis, BizLink has always been able to meet our needs for both adding and returning cars. I have and will continue to recommend BizLink as our preferred leasing agent.

Mr. Jeff S Pauls

Site Manager

Singapore Northwest Airlines

I rented a car from BizLink during Hari Raya period. I am very impressed by their service and condition of the car. Their cars are clean, without the smell of cigarette smoke unlike other rental cars I had experienced before. Their service staff impressed me further when they said something like if (touch wood) should the tyre puncture, just call them and they will take care of it as they don’t want me to dirty my hands. This simple service means a lot to me as I feel what I pay is very much worth it. Well done BizLink.

MR. Glen

I was recommended to call them by my business associate to rent a car on a monthly basis. The sales staff was courteous, attentive and always available whenever I need help of any sort. Prices are reasonable and the after-sales service I experienced is really good. They really do live up to their name and was a worthy recommendation by my business associate. Should call and check.

MR. Raytan23

I needed to hire a car for about 2-3 months and was asking around my expatriate friends as they were hiring cars as well. I was told about BizLink Rent-a-Car and so gave them a call. I must admit I was really impressed from the moment my call was answered by one of their sales execs. Courteous, knowledgeable and patient. Although the rates were a little high, the dedication and professionalism more than made up for that extra bit I paid for. The operations team were worth a mention as well. They were always full of smiles and accommodating. All in all, my experience with them while hiring the car for about 2.5 months was a really fulfilling one as they are excellent service providers in Singapore.

MR. Fionlll

BizLink have provided excellent customer service throughout my relationship with them. From flexibility about my choice of vehicle, delivery and timescales, they have always focused on my requirements as a customer. Maintenance and repairs have been totally painless with the friendly and efficient BizLink staff handling every step of the process with minimum disruption to me. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending them to anyone requiring a vehicle in Singapore.

Mr. Simon Scott Bishop

Having been a BizLink customer for three years, I have always enjoyed the ride of a perfectly maintained car while also experiencing an outstanding and holistic service in any aspect. BizLink took care of everything while we were mobile. I do strongly recommend them and their services.

MR. Marco Esser

Regional Head of Human Resources Asia

Commerzbank AG Singapore

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