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Mr. Jeff Thomas

Feb 26,2018

One of the more difficult tasks for an expat who lands in Singapore is trying to figure out how to get a car for their stay here. Do you try and bid for a COE and buy a car? Do you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend? Do you rent? If so, what selection is available and from whom? Raymond Tan and the team at BizLink Rent-a-Car provide a no hassle, turnkey service for expats and for the past 4 years, I have used them for several rentals for myself and my family. From a new Prius to a Volvo XC90 for the family to a BMW 5 series for myself, they have been able to get me any vehicle I need for a reasonable price. It is however, their service that sets them apart…if you have any issue with your vehicle, you just call their 24-hour line and they take care of everything. They also have loaners that they deliver to your home or office when it is time for your vehicle to be serviced. I strongly suggest that you give Raymond and his team a call.