Should I Rent A Car When Traveling Overseas?

With self-drive travels on the rise, travelers are increasingly opting for car rental options to maximize their experience in a foreign land. Indeep, as compared to taking the public transport or having your fate of commute at the hands of the private hire, renting a car in a foreign country may sound enticing and exciting. 


Perhaps one could escape the tourist traps and discover authentic local experiences on your next trip behind the wheels of a rented car. Let’s explore how car rental can transform the way you explore the world.


Benefits of Renting a Car While Traveling Overseas 

Access to Remote Areas: 

The world as we know it has seemingly become smaller and smaller. When remote places of interest become inaccessible, like nature parts and off-the-beaten road places, perhaps it’s a good idea to consider renting a car to access these places of interest. One should consider the itinerary of travels as well. Are you the type of traveler that stays in one area of the country you’re visiting, or a maximiser that aims to get to all parts of the country in a short period of time? In some places, public transportation might be the way to go for efficient and well-connected travels. However, if the places of interest are off-the beaten tracks, then a car would be useful in providing freedom and convenience.

Accessing car rental is also relatively simple. Straight from the arrival hall, you are able to find a range of more well-known car rental companies ready to assist you. However, if you have a red-eye flight, or you may have specific car rental requirements, it’s useful to enquire with a car rental company prior to arrival to book your car rental to ensure that a car is waiting for you upon your arrival.  

Cost Efficient for Group Travels

At times, renting a car can be cost efficient, especially if you’re travelling with a group. Commuting costs add up, even when we decide to use the most economical option of public transport. In some countries, to purchase the public transport card, sometimes commuters would have to lock in a certain non refundable amount into the purchased commuting cards, rendering it inefficient especially when the card is only used for a short visit. Hence, by opting for alternative travel options, even though rental costs and car rental expenses such as fuel, parking, tolls may amount to quite a sum, these costs can be easily divided by the number of commuters in the group and it can be more cost efficient as compared to that of public transport. 

For economies of scale, opting to rent a bigger vehicle like SUVs or minivans could be a wise choice, as it has a lower per person rental cost as compared to multiple smaller cars. What’s more, commuters can consider taking turns to drive for the duration of their travels, contributing to the overall experience of the trip. 

Time Efficient

Additionally, travelers are commonly pressed for time on holidays and thus renting a car would be a fuss-free way of traveling at your own pace. By  optimizing your travel itinerary through visiting multiple attractions a day, making spontaneous stops, while avoiding long buses or train transits, one can enjoy the travels via renting a private vehicle. 

Convenience & Comfort 

For travelers with kids or those who travel with a lot of luggage, having the convenience of stowing your luggage in the trunk of the car, could do wonders to the experience of the trip. Moreover, traveling in your own rented car would also perhaps create a feeling of familiarity, comfort and privacy, as you need not squeeze in public buses and trains along with many others while lugging the heavy luggage with you. 


Despite its allure, did you know that car rental can add up to 20% to your overall travel expenses? Let’s explore the downsides of this seemingly convenient choice. 


Disadvantages of Renting a Car While Traveling Overseas

Navigational Challenges

Travelers in unfamiliar territories may encounter navigational difficulties, or unexpected road conditions, leading to stress and potential delays. Moreover, using GPS navigation systems in a foreign country might not always be accurate or up-to-date. This can lead to getting lost or taking inefficient routes, which could pose a challenge for inexperienced drivers. Hence, it’s important to read up on the road rules and regulations of the area and familiarize yourself with the roads before heading down for the trip. 

Language Barriers

In addition, if the place of interest is operating in a different language, the language barrier could surface when communicating with local law enforcement, parking attendants, or roadside assistance personnel can be confusing and may lead to misunderstandings. With that said, a simple language translation app could help mitigate the language situation. 

Unfamiliar Road Conditions

As we navigate outside our comfort zone, be prepared for varying road conditions that we may encounter along the way. This includes narrow roads, unpaved surfaces, and challenging terrain. It’s a good idea to check google maps and reviews before heading to more unfrequented parts of your journey, and to be prepared for any road situation ahead. 

Local Driving Habits

Lastly, it is key to consider that different countries and regions have their own unique driving customs and behaviors that might differ significantly from what you’re accustomed to. Driving habits like parking and lane usages, pedestrian right-of-way rules, handling intersections, merging to highways and navigating roundabouts are some of the key local driving habits to read up on, before embarking on your next car rental trip overseas. 


With proper preparation, awareness, and caution, you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable driving experience while exploring new destinations.


What To Do When Renting A Car Overseas:

  1. Keep the emergency contact information including local police, car maintenance contact, insurance information, medical services, and the country’s embassy or consulate, in case of an emergency. 
  2. Safety equipment: ensure warning triangles & spare tires are available. For countries that experience snow, getting and understanding how to use a snow track can be purchased or rented upon receiving the vehicle, could potentially be a life-saver for slippery and icy roads. 


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