Should I Get Short-term or Long-term Car Rental in Singapore?

Renting cars in Singapore has become an increasingly popular option because of the convenience and affordability. But for anyone who isn’t familiar with car rentals in Singapore, trying to decide which sort of rental package is for you could leave you uncertain. So if you’ve been going back and forth trying to decide between long-term and short-term car rental, here are the major differences between the two.

What Are Your Car Rental Needs?

When deciding between a short-term and long-term car rental, the duration of the rental is often the key deciding factor. As such, you should think of the reasons why you’re renting the car in the first place and how often you foresee yourself using the vehicle in a year.
If you only need a car for a short getaway over the weekend, then perhaps a short-term car rental may be more suitable for you. But if you foresee yourself driving on a more frequent basis but do not want to purchase or lease a car, then a long-term car rental option would do the trick. Below we elaborate on the benefits of both short and long term car rentals so you can get a better idea of which to opt for.

Benefits of Short-Term Car Rental


If you break down the daily costs of renting a car in the long-term as opposed to the short-term, the prior is often the more affordable option. But if you find that you’ll only need a car for a specific occasion or for a matter of weeks, then getting a short-term car rental is definitely the more cost-efficient option.
With a short-term car rental, you will be spared the exorbitant costs that come with owning a car, while allowing you to still enjoy the perks that come with driving as and when you need it. Also, car rental companies like us at Bizlink Rent-A-Car provide rental cars that are comprehensively insured, so you don’t have to trouble yourself to look for one.


While it may be easy to get around Singapore with our well-connected public transport system, nothing comes close to having the convenience of travelling in a car. Perhaps you have friends visiting you from overseas, or you’re travelling with your family during festive periods, it would be way more comfortable and convenient travelling or showing them around if you had a private vehicle. Also, do take note that renting a car during festive periods such as Chinese New Year or Hari Raya may involve a peak period surcharge. So be sure to look out for discounts and promotions before the peak period if you’re thinking of renting a car at those times.
At Bizlink Rent-A-Car, you can also choose from a wide range of vehicles from SUVs and MPVs, so if you have to travel with a big family, you’ll be able to find a car that suits your needs easily. If you’re enjoying a late night out at Singapore’s bustling nightlife spots, you don’t have to worry about catching the last train home.


Short-term car rentals provide users with the key benefit of flexibility for your transport needs. If you only need a vehicle for a couple of days, then a short-term rental makes absolute sense for your needs. In addition to this, short term car rentals give you the flexibility of driving around in your chosen car that is fit for any occasion.
For instance, if you have a formal dinner or event coming up and you plan to arrive fashionably in your dream luxury car, a short term car rental will help you achieve just this. Here at Bizlink Rent-A-Car, we have a wide range of vehicles from mid-range to premium cars in our short term rental car fleet, giving you the liberty to have a taste of what it would be like cruising around in the car of your dreams, without all the exorbitant costs.

Benefits of Long-Term Car Rental


It goes without saying that owning a car in Singapore is a costly affair — especially when you add in all that extra insurance and maintenance costs that come along with it. The reality of owning a car in Singapore means a long term commitment which might not be a worthwhile investment.
Long-term car rentals relieve you of any fixed commitment and give you more flexibility in planning your finances. If in any case, you don’t require the car anymore, you can simply return the vehicle without having to pay a hefty cost as well. At Bizlink Rent-A-Car, we offer monthly and yearly car rental packages you can choose from, which are flexible and allow you to choose from a wide assortment of cars, suitable for every budget and every need.


With a long term car rental, you can leave regular maintenance and service to the professionals who will be handing over the rented vehicle to you. If your working hours are irregular and you are unable to find time to send your rented car for maintenance or servicing, car rental companies in Singapore can take care of this for you.
For instance, at Bizlink Rent-A-Car, you simply have to let us know the time and place to have your car picked up, and we will handle the rest hassle-free. If in the case of an unfortunate incident like a breakdown or an accident, a replacement vehicle can be arranged for you all at your own convenience.


If you’re an expat who will be working in Singapore for a few months and needs a convenient means of transport to get to your workplace, a long-term car rental will be a good option for you. Since you’ll only be living in Singapore for a limited period of time, owning a car during this time may not be the most cost-effective option.
With a long-term car rental package, you can also choose the rental duration that works for you varying from months to years.  Also, if you have to travel back home on some occasions, Bizlink Rent-A-Car can arrange to pick your car up for servicing even when you’re travelling overseas.

Rent A Car in Singapore With Bizlink Rent-A-Car

Regardless of the intended duration of your car rental, renting a car is a straightforward and uncomplicated process in Singapore, and is a great cost-effective transportation alternative. Reach out to our experienced team at Bizlink Rent-A-Car at 6285 6616 to get a quote or to find out the most suitable car rental package for your needs today.

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