May 01,2021

COE Prices Surged; Highest in Years – How COE Relates To Car Rental Customers?

The Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices, needed to buy and to register vehicles in Singapore, […]

Apr 16,2021

All Systems Go For Electric Vehicles – What Roadblocks Exist For Car Rental Companies?

We are hit with an electric revolution where countries globally are encouraging the uptake of […]

Apr 01,2021

Why Should I Hire Chauffeur Services In Singapore? 

Hiring chauffeuring services in Singapore seems like a bougie expense, but it is indeed a […]

Mar 21,2021

What To Look Out For When Inspecting A Rental Car in Singapore?

You have done the research on which car rental company to obtain a car lease […]

Mar 10,2021

Top 9 Benefits of Car Renting for Businesses in Singapore

As businesses seek to save operating costs, they often minimise purchasing assets if they do […]

Feb 28,2021

Rising Prices of Petrol for Car Rental in Singapore

On Tuesday (February 16, 2021), Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat announced in the Budget […]

Feb 15,2021

A Guide To The Different Types of Car Rental Vehicles

As you peruse through the available fleets on various car rental companies’ websites, a natural […]

Feb 01,2021

Is Car Rental Insurance Included in Car Rental Singapore?

You’ve picked up your car, and you’re ready to start your car rental journey. Of […]

Jan 15,2021

95-Octane vs 98-Octane – Which is Better?

You realised that your car is out of fuel and you’ve head to the nearest […]

Jan 03,2021

What Makes the Best Car Rental in Singapore?

What connotes a best car rental in Singapore? Much like buying ice cream from your […]

Dec 16,2020

The Cost of Different Types of Petrol for Rental Cars in Singapore

The decision on whether to decide on long term car rental vs car ownership is […]

Nov 30,2020

Myths Debunked! What You Thought You Knew About Car Rental in Singapore.

With the ownership of cars being such a luxury in Singapore, it enables the spout […]

Nov 16,2020

The Impact of Singapore’s Reopening on Car Rental Services

2020 has been an extremely trying year. As the world reopens its borders, it is […]

Oct 31,2020

Long Term Car Rental vs Car Ownership

The Economical Perspective Many economists argue about car ownership being an investment. Advocates of car […]

Oct 15,2020

Will Car Rental Companies Utilize Electric Vehicles?

With the advent of technology, the demand for electric cars seems to be on the […]

Sep 29,2020

Car Renting vs Car Sharing – What’s Similar & What’s Different?

Owning a car is an undeniable luxury in Singapore. It is one of the 5Cs […]

Sep 16,2020

Car Rental Singapore Road Trip (North & West )

In continuation from the Road Trips in Singapore (south and east ) article, let’s now […]

Aug 30,2020

Digitalisation of Car Rental Services 

Technology has been taking the world by storm; and the car rental service industry is […]

Aug 15,2020

Car Rental Road Trips in Singapore (SOUTH & EAST)

You may be wondering: where to do road trip in such a small city state? […]

Jul 30,2020

The Do’s and the Why’s of Car Maintenance

Why is Proper Maintenance of Cars Needed?    Similar to household chores, where we attempt […]

Jul 16,2020

Car Rental Services During Phase 2 of Safe-Reopening 

This article is an update on current car-industry news (16 July 2020), in continuation from […]

Jun 30,2020

Comprehensive Guide to Car Rental in Singapore

Car Rental in Singapore can be challenging. But it can also be a fun and […]

Jun 14,2020

An Update: How has COVID-19 affected Car Rental Services?

Latest Updates Here are some of the current car-industry news (as of June 5), that […]

May 28,2020

What Should You Do If You Get into a Car Accident While on Car Rental in Singapore?

Whether you own a car or are on a car rental in Singapore, it is […]

May 11,2020

COE- What is it and Why is it So Expensive?

Why Limit Cars on the Road?  It may be unbeknownst to many that Singapore has […]

Apr 27,2020

GPS: To use or not to use?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is an imperative tool for drivers worldwide, aiding drivers to […]

Apr 13,2020

Car Rental Services Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Singapore’s Measures to Curb the Spread of COVID-19 [March – April’2020] On March 31, 2020, […]

Mar 13,2020

Should I Get Short-term or Long-term Car Rental in Singapore?

Renting cars in Singapore has become an increasingly popular option because of the convenience and […]

Feb 20,2020

Guide To Renting a Car with A Foreign License in Singapore

Being in a new country–whether it’s for a visit or a more permanent stay–comes with […]

Jan 21,2020

Car Rental Guide: Useful Tips for Renting A Car in Singapore

Getting around Singapore is a breeze with all our transport systems. But there are days […]

Oct 11,2018

Car-Sharing or Car Rental?

With the advent of technology, consumers are now given options when they need a car. […]

Aug 10,2018

Essential Items to Keep in a Car

If you drive frequently, you would have had at some point come across situations in […]

Jul 13,2018

8 Fuel-Efficient Tips for the Singapore Driver

Whether you’re an experienced car driver or one with a newly-minted license behind the wheel […]

Feb 27,2018

What Parents Should Know About Car Seat Rules in Singapore

In Singapore, there were at least 6,000 road accidents from January to November 2013. It […]

Feb 27,2018

Drink, Don’t Drive

DRINK, DON’T DRIVE There are several reasons why people drink. The possibilities vary from stress […]

Nov 05,2017

Buy Car Vs Rent Car, which is better?

Singapore is the most expensive country in the world to own a car. To begin, […]

Sep 29,2017

Travelling Around Singapore

NEW OR RELOCATING TO SINGAPORE and unfamiliar with how to get around? We’ve got your back […]

Nov 22,2016

Referral Promotion

Our way to say thank you! Refer a friend and earn up to $2,000* Cash! Terms […]