Oct 11,2018

Car-Sharing or Car Rental?

With the advent of technology, consumers are now given options when they need a car. […]

Aug 10,2018

Essential Items to Keep in a Car

If you drive frequently, you would have had at some point come across situations in […]

Jul 13,2018

8 Fuel-Efficient Tips for the Singapore Driver

Whether you’re an experienced car driver or one with a newly-minted license behind the wheel […]

Feb 27,2018

What Parents Should Know About Car Seat Rules in Singapore

In Singapore, there were at least 6,000 road accidents from January to November 2013. It […]

Feb 27,2018

Drink, Don’t Drive

DRINK, DON’T DRIVE There are several reasons why people drink. The possibilities vary from stress […]

Nov 05,2017

Buy Car Vs Rent Car, which is better?

Singapore is the most expensive country in the world to own a car. To begin, […]

Sep 29,2017

Travelling Around Singapore

NEW OR RELOCATING TO SINGAPORE and unfamiliar with how to get around? We’ve got your back […]

Nov 22,2016

Referral Promotion

Our way to say thank you! Refer a friend and earn up to $2,000* Cash! Terms […]