It’s Wedding Season! What Should I Know about Wedding Car Rentals?

Dreaming of your perfect wedding car ride? That’s when car rental companies come in: With a one-off cost, you will get to rent your dream wedding car for your special day!


Wedding cars aren’t your typical everyday vehicle. For one, the car represents your personality and conveys the wedding theme. It’s also an opportunity to drive in style and comfort on your wedding day in THE car that you’ve always been eyeing to drive in – and a short term car rental is just the way to experience that. 


Wedding car packages may not be in all car rental packages per se, but they are definitely considered to be one form of short term car rental. Not knowing what to look for in a rental car for your big day can be daunting. That is why we have created this article to go through the ins and outs of car rental for your big day! 


Things to Consider: 

What is the Purpose of Your Wedding Car Rental? 

Thinking about your ideal wedding car rental package all starts with the end in mind – What is your goal of the rented car for? 


Wedding cars are essential for multiple reasons. For a start, the wedding car would simply be the main mode of transport for the bride and groom on their wedding day. In addition to its “main objective”, some couples may use their wedding car rental to help commute logistics from one place to another prior to the big day. Some may even want to enjoy the wedding car beyond the wedding day and to drive in style to their said staycation hotels, only to return it a day or two after the wedding date. All in all, a rental car may be important for some, and less important for others. Ultimately, it’s important to know your ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ of a rented wedding car, and to discuss it with the sales representative at the car rental store. 


How Long Do You Want to Rent a Car For? 

Once the purpose of the rental car is clear, it determines how long you would be renting your wedding car for. For some car rental packages, the wedding package is chargeable per hour of rent. For others, the rental duration could be in the matter of days. 


To help facilitate the decision making, here are some more questions that you would like to consider before deciding on which car rental company’s package best suits you.

  • Would you prefer an hourly or daily rental package? 
  • Would it be more convenient to rent the car a day before and return the car the day after your wedding? 
  • If you simply want a car rental with as short a time frame as possible, what are some  ways in which you can help to shorten the rental time. 


Generally, the longer the rental duration, the more economically efficient it is to rent the car, regardless of whether the car is parked, or on the move. 


What is Your “Ideal” Vehicle? 

For some car junkies – this is the BEST way to try out THE CAR that you have been eyeing to drive in for the longest of time. Be it being in a vintage Volkswagen, or a sleek Maserati, or even the classic BMWs or Mercedes, this is THE BEST TIME to try the car out and enjoy the ride. What’s even more special is that you would be driving it on your special day! Nothing can get better than this! 


Want some inspiration? Some of the popular models include: 

  1. For Luxury Cars
    1. Mercedes S-Class or E-Class
    2. Audi A5, Audi A6
    3. BMW 5 Series 
    4. Jaguar XF
  2. For Vintage Cars
    1. Volkswagen Beetle
  3. For “Special Themed” Cars
    1. Range Rover – Land Rover Discovery 4 
    2. Range Rover Sports
    3. Toyota Alphard
  4. For Convertible Cars
    1. Mercedes Benz E Class
    2. BMW Z4
    3. BMW 2 Series


** Disclaimer: These car models indicated are some examples of popular models to consider and they do not represent the range of cars in our catalogue. To know what are the cars available for rent, please visit, or speak to our sales representative to get the most updated car catalogue available and our rental deals. 


What Kind of Car Aesthetic Are You Going For? 

Rustic and chic; to elegant and classy – your theme of the wedding may potentially decide the type of car that you are potentially renting. Preferences in styles, brands, models and colour –  you name it. Do also ensure if the car rental company allows for the couple to customise the aesthetic of the car independently, or that the car rental company provides their own decoration and its respective charges. 


Do You Want a Driver With the Wedding Car? 

We recommend a chauffeur with the wedding car as you may need someone to focus on navigating the roads while you sit back, relax and enjoy being driven from one place to another. However, some couples would prefer a family member taking the reins of driving the car on the day itself. Some car rental companies do provide for a chauffeur, so let the sales representative know if you require one. 


One or Many? 

Do you prefer a simple one wedding car, or a whole slew of entourages (brother and sister cars)? For the latter, you might need to ensure that all the cars match the aesthetic of one another, and that the entourage does not overpower the main wedding car. At a loss of which cars from the catalogue to choose from? Ask for some recommendations from the sales representatives, and with their wealth of experience in car rentals, they would definitely help you find a variation of rental vehicles that are sure to satisfy your budget and your requirements. 


What is Your Budget? 

One of the most determining factors of deciding which wedding car to rent is definitely your budget. It’s important to be open in discussing your budget between each other and with the car rental sales associate such that you know what are the available cars for you. In general, wedding car rentals can cost about an average of $200- $400 for a typical saloon car for a span of 2 days. For the more luxurious continental cars, they may range from $350 – $600 for the same rental duration. For a wedding car with a driver, the cost may range from $350 – $700 for either 5-hour or 10-hour duration.


Plan Ahead of Time 

For couples who are more particular about a certain model and make of wedding car, planning ahead of time is crucial for you to do the research, and to source for THE perfect car for your wedding day. Typically, it is recommended to browse around and book 3 months in advance, to ensure that you get the car of choice for your big day


Wedding Car Rental with BizLink Rent-A-Car

To help you with your decision making process, our sales representatives are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help guide you in making these important considerations. Head over to our online catalogue to browse through the different types of cars available. 


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