Is Car Sharing Simpler than Car Rental in Singapore? Think Again!

Owning a car in this current climate of high COE has become more and more of a luxury. As of February 2023 2nd Bidding, COE prices are now $86,556 for Category A,$115,001 for Category B, and $118,001 for Category E vehicles. It’s no wonder that commuters have to pay a high premium for the convenience of having a car at one’s disposal at any point in time, and many shudder at the thought of having to even pay for such an expensive piece of paper prior to car ownership. 


Considering that many of us do not have huge amounts of money in the bank waiting to be invested in a car, the alternative: car sharing, is growing rapidly in popularity as a result of the attempt of sustainable transport development and more sustainable consumption of the transport choice. 


Car sharing has been mainly used for very short term use of a car, spanning from minutes to hours, while car rental has more breadth of rental period spanning from days, to months and years. 


While the interest for car sharing has been increasing, we are interested to know how this rather novel solution to commuter’s desire of having a car compares to more “traditional” solutions like car rental? Would it be simpler? Or would the challenges of utilizing car sharing be more challenging to overcome? 


Let’s assess these 2 options based on a few criterias: 


Booking of Car

It really depends on how ad hoc your demand for a car is. Mostly for car rental, booking is done weeks or months in advance, while for car sharing, the booking of cars can be done within days or hours. 


For Car Sharing:

One main pro that car sharing definitely has over car rental would be its flexibility in booking. Simply log on to the car sharing app or website, book a car near you and you’re on your way! This is useful for last minute, or same day bookings, car sharing can be an easy option for commuters on the go. The car sharing apps are available 24/7 and in tandem, so are the cars on the platform. 


For Car Rental:

Upon booking, you are basically guaranteed with a car of choice and have exclusive usage of the car during its rental period. In the past, going to a car rental company would have been a common occurrence for commuters who are looking to rent. However, car rental companies are starting to use online platforms and websites to provide quick and fuss-free booking experiences. Simply browse through their catalog of available cars and wa-lah, a car is rented at the tip of your finger tips (on a mobile app, or on a website). 


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Convenience & Availability 


For Car Sharing

The convenience of this option highly depends on the location and the availability of cars at your preferred pick up point. You may have to travel to get to your pre-booked car at the nearest car sharing station, which can be a hassle. 


Moreover, there is also no guarantee that you have a car ready for you at the lot as and when you want it, creating unpredictability of car availability. Nothing is worse than not finding a car when you absolutely need one. Hence, even though it is 24/7 and is the relatively more flexible option, you may need to book for the car in advance before usage, especially during peak periods (i.e. Weekends, Public Holidays). 


For Car Rental

Booking your car rental early would help ease the question of availability as you are ensured that a car has been reserved for you upon confirmation with the car rental during your rental duration. One can also arrange the pick-up and drop off of cars to wherever is most convenient for you, ensuring a seamless rental experience. 


Maintenance of Cars


For Car Sharing

As of any car, proper maintenance is important to ensure that the condition of the car – i.e. bumps and scrapes are kept to a minimum, and that mechanical faults are under control. When using car sharing, it works on the collaborative model where it is on the onus of the previous car sharing users to inspect and report the car for any damages or complaints about cleanliness about the car before use, and to clean up after the car is being used before docking it at the designated location. Maintenance is done every once in a few weeks, or when customers report that the individual car’s safety or cleanliness is compromised. Should there be any faults detected by fellow car sharers or during regular maintenance, you may be at risk of being billed for the damages that you did not create. 


For Car Rental 

Be it short term car rental or long term car rental, the cleanliness of the car is guaranteed, at least upon the collection of the car. Cars are inspected after each rental for its cleanliness, smoke smells, and trash to ensure that the car is at its best condition. It will be sent for general maintenance and inspection work in between rentals, and it is all carried out by the car rental company. If there were to be any major maintenance work to be done for your car, the car rental company would most likely provide you with a replacement car in the meantime while your rented car is in repair, allowing your car rental experience to be a smooth sailing one.


In Sum…

Both car sharing and car rental are good ways of adapting to the inevitable car-lite society that the more eco-conscious world has been experimenting with. As fellow commuters, learning the ins and the outs of our consumer choices to continue to have the convenience and personal space afforded by a personal vehicle, be it via a rented car or a car on the car sharing platform, 

With deciding which option to use, perhaps a review of the pros and cons of each option would help you narrow down your choices to one that best suits your commuting needs. 


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