Disadvantages of Car-Sharing and Solutions For A Better Driving Experience

What is car-sharing? 

With rising car prices and consumers becoming more environmentally conscious, car-sharing has increased in popularity among Singaporeans. With car-sharing, Singaporeans can borrow a vehicle for a short period of time. While car-sharing has its advantages, this article aims to provide a more transparent overview by highlighting the disadvantages of car-sharing as well as introducing solutions that can make your driving experience more pleasant, such as renting a car for the day or using hourly car rental services instead.

The disadvantages of car-sharing  

Car availability is not guaranteed

Although most car-sharing companies provide flexible hourly and daily car rental periods, there is no assurance that you can secure a car when you need it most. While most car-sharing services allow you to pre-book a car, driving a car spontaneously is based on luck. As car sharing relies on an organic circulation of cars to various stations, finding a car during busy hours can be difficult. This may result in scenarios such as being unable to locate a car nearby when you require one immediately. To resolve this, consider renting a car through our website BizLink Rent-A-Car to ensure a better driving experience. Not only will you be able to drive your selected vehicle for the duration of your rental term, but you will also be unaffected by potential car unavailability during peak hours, which is a problem for car-sharing.

Potential of facing technical difficulties

The car-sharing station itself may malfunction over time, with issues such as the station failing to provide a signal that allows your car to physically unlock itself. Alternatively, the application may refuse to let you drive away, causing you to cancel your car rental for that day. This leaves you stranded while contacting on-site support or a dependable hotline for assistance with technical issues. On the other hand, when you choose BizLink Rent-A-Car, you can always contact our hotline manned by knowledgeable customer care representatives as well as receive 24-hour roadside help. In addition, we handle all aspects of car maintenance and administration, as well as replacement vehicles during servicing or accident repairs, so you may drive with confidence.

Unconfirmed Lot Availability

If you utilise car-sharing services, you may be unable to park your vehicle until arriving at your destination, either because there is no physical return point or all parking lots are occupied. Spending extra time parking the car and having to look for alternate parking on foot, despite the fact that you booked a car by the hour just to get to your destination, could ruin your entire experience. With BizLink Hire-A-Car, you no longer need to factor in extra buffer time to park a car because you can rent a car from us for as little as three days or as long as a year and return it easily.

Use BizLink Rent-A-Car for a better car rental experience 

With BizLink Rent-A-Car, you can receive a fully customisable car rental package that caters to your needs, ranging from 3 days to over a year. We aim to cater to everyone with our diverse inventory of cars, which ranges from everyday to corporate and commercial vehicles.

When you rent from us, not only do you get a quick administrative process and reasonable car rental prices, but you also don’t have to worry about the pitfalls that come with car-sharing. Contact us at +65 6285 6616 or to learn more about how a car rental solution can fit better into your lifestyle than car-sharing.