Difference between Continental and Asian Cars

Interested in short term car rental or a more long term car rental but not sure which kind of car suits your personal preferences?

Which car makes most sense to your money, lifestyle and car rental needs?

Continental cars

Continental cars, affectionately known as “conti-cars”, are automobile cars that are originated in Europe, mainly in countries like Germany, Italy and France. They are generally seen to be the more ‘premium’ option.

Models of continental cars include:

Selling Points:

Continental cars are synonymous to prestige, comfort and precision engineering. Naturally, driving a continental car would be seen as a status symbol.

For Corporate car rental, continental cars are suitable for black-tie events, weddings, and chauffeuring VIP guests. Car rental customers thinking of renting cars on a short term basis (i.e. weddings, events), could consider renting a continental car to tap on those perks, without incurring high up-front costs if they were to opt for car ownership.

That is not to say that continental cars are not equipped for everyday usage. These cars do have superior engines and immaculately thought out safety functions, which make for a pleasant and smooth drive.

Things to consider

Continental cars are comparatively more expensive than Asian brand cars largely due to higher production costs (such as labour), more extensive Research and Development (R&D) costs and the costs of materials used for the cars. COE prices for continental cars may be higher as compared to Asian counterparts since they have higher engine capacity. Moreover, due to their higher engine capacity, they also tend to have higher fuel consumption, and thus higher fuel spend.

Additionally, the Open Market Value for continental cars are normally higher than Asian brands and are more susceptible to higher maintenance fees as their spare parts may be costlier to replace. Of course, for car rental customers, customers need not worry about this aspect as maintenance work is done for you by the car rental company.

Asian Cars

Japanese Cars

Japanese cars, on the other hand, tend to be more economical as they have lesser excise duties and road taxes. Due to its affordability, it is no wonder that they make up to be one of the more popular cars seen on Singapore roads. Naturally, it is also one of the more popular brands rented out by car rental customers.

Due to easier access to car parts, asian cars are generally easier to maintain. For long term customers, the ease of maintenance may also play a big factor of consideration as you need not fret over the hassle of frequently sending your rental car for maintenance.

Environmentalists may also prefer their Japanese cars as they tend to be more fuel efficient. With savings in fuel costs, and improved mileage, Japanese car drivers may also take solace in a more environmentally friendly drive as Japanese cars tend to emit less exhaust gases per kilometer driven.

However, this is not to say that Japanese cars lose their lustre as compared to their continental counterparts when it comes to prestige. In the domain of technology and equipment, Asian cars have recently stepped up. Most cars today come with Infotainment systems with a digital display, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Popular Japanese Cars include:


Not to mention, Korean and Chinese cars are also present in the Asian car market in Singapore. They include:

Korean Cars


Chinese Cars


Continental Vs Asian Cars for Car Ownership

For potential car owners, there are of course, more things to consider when choosing cars.

Resale value

Japanese cars may see higher resale value, simply because they are more in demand in the car resale market. They are efficient and reliable, and thus make a great commuting companion.


From Open Market Value (OMV) to Certificate of Entitlement (COE), high car insurance premiums and Additional Registration Fees (ARF), mandatory Excise Fees and exorbitant Road Tax. These are all miscellaneous fees that play a role in consideration for purchase as they might significantly increase the cost of the car purchase. For example, a typical S$20,000 Toyota car at OMV, could cost up to S$100,000 when all the fees are stacked one on top of another.

Ease and Cost of Maintenance

For car owners, you would have to embark on your endeavour of doing regular car maintenance to ensure the sustainability of your vehicle in the long run. On average, a car should be brought for regular servicing twice a year or 10,000 km, whichever comes first. Hence, the ease of getting spare parts, and the cost of regular maintenance could be a factor for consideration. For more information, read: “The Do’s and Why’s of Car Maintenance” for a comprehensive read on the purpose of regular car maintenance.

Continental Vs Asian Cars for Car Rental

For car rental customers, the long term considerations of owning a car would probably not be on your consideration list, unless you are intending for a long term car rental.

So, what is the right rental car for you?

Before deciding on your ideal car for rental, it is important to understand what are your rental needs: From car size (seating capacity, boot capacity), to frequency of use, duration of use and the rationale of rental, are major consideration points before you decide on a car and sign on the dotted line.

Here are some good articles that you could use in deciding on your ideal rental car:

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