Car Renting vs Car Sharing – What’s Similar & What’s Different?

Owning a car is an undeniable luxury in Singapore. It is one of the 5Cs – (Car, Condominium, Credit Card, Cash, Country Club Membership) that Singaporeans aspire to attain. After all, having a car is a luxury – its convenience, comfortability and accessibility to places valued highly by others.
One may ask – other than renting a car, which typically lasts for a minimally a day, is there an even quicker alternative in which I can get from one place to another, conveniently and comfortably?
The solution: on top of car rental services, is car sharing.

Car Rental vs Car Sharing


Similar sounding in nature, car rental and car sharing serves different functions.
For car rental – YOU get to ‘own’ the car for the stipulated amount of time. Go to a car rental company like BizLink Rent-A-Car Pte Ltd. and get a package that is tailored to your needs. This can range from short term car rental of about 3 days to 1 month, or long term car rental for years on end. Other services include expat car rental services, commercial car rental services and even a chauffeur driver service to escort VIP guests from one place to another safely and comfortably. The options are both customizable and endless!
For the rental period, YOU get the liberty to drive the car wherever and whenever you want, and to use the car as much as possible in that stipulated time as the price of the car rental package is already fixed upon signing of the contract. Long road trips, business trips, transportation of goods play important roles in shaping reasons why driving licence holders opt to rent, rather than to buy a car. Low return on investment, lower frequency of car use and lesser upfront financial costs being 3 of the many reasons creating the inclination towards car rentals.


On the other hand, car sharing, is a relatively newer concept. Car sharing is the car equivalent of that idea of an Obike. Find a car near you, hope on, drive to your location, and hop off. It’s that simple! It’s designed for driving licence holders who do not require/need to drive on a daily basis. Simply sign up with any of the car rental operators and enjoy fuss-free driving experience. Collection and return of cars are all accessed through the use of a smartphone. Charges are calculated based on pay-per-use and distance travelled.
If you typically use public transport, but require a car around 3-6 times a month, probably car sharing services may be an alternative for you. For more information, visit Car Sharing Association Singapore.

Car Rental vs Car Sharing

Car Rental
ConvenienceEnjoy the convenience of commuting in the comfort of your own vehicle.
After completion of paper-work from the car rental company, you and your rented car are essentially good to go! You are free to bring your car wherever and whenever you want! Just make sure to return the car at the stipulated venue and timeMost cars and operators are available islandwide. Payments are also done through automatic deduction from your designated credit card/bank account – Hassle Free!
FlexibilityWithout the long term commitment of owning the vehicle, you are free to play around with the different packages to best suit your financial concerns and practical needs.
With various car rental packages available, simply select that best meet your needs and drive away!Pay-when-you-use system is ideal for users who require the use of cars on an ad-hoc basis.
Cost-EfficientGet the benefits of using a car at your own convenience without the hefty long-term financial stress that comes with owning a car – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for the duration of the tenure of the Certificate of Entitlement (COE), whether or not the car is in use or not.
Rental packages vary in prices and you only pay for the duration of the rental package. Generally, the longer the rental package, the cheaper the price. Since the use of a car is entirely up to individual renter, prices of the car rental package are more or less fixed upon signing of the contract, regardless of time of use and distance travelled.The pay-per-use format typically charges the customer based on a by-the-minute or distance rate. This option may be more suitable for short but essential trips.
Extraneous CostsElectronic Road Pricing (ERP) and Car Parking costs are incurred by you.
Typically, car rental companies require customers to top up petrol before returning the car. A full tank would be provided to you upon car rental. The costs of additional top ups would be incurred by the customer.Depending on the car sharing operator, you may/may not be required to top up the petrol used. Some even provide free mileage for the duration of the booked car. Check individual operators for full terms and conditions.

The Right Package for YOU!

In sum, there is no hard and fast rule as to which is the better option. It all boils down to which option best suits your needs.
For more information on car rental services from BizLink Rent-A-Car Pte Ltd., feel free to browse the various options or speak to our professional sales representatives at +65 6285 6616 or at

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