Car Rental Singapore Road Trip (North & West)

In continuation from the Road Trips in Singapore (south and east ) article, let’s now look at the north and west  of Singapore, effectively combing the island for its precious hidden gems. Of course, this article does not provide the whole range of recreational activities and places of attraction, but it does focus on the ones that are less accessible by public transport, and best done so by car. It’s also a chance for our locals or expats to get car rental services in Singapore.  Either on a short-term car rental or long-term car rental basis, one can fully utilize the convenience of the car to travel to all ends of the island.



Home to Singapore’s oldest surviving dragon kilns, Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle is a place to learn more and have a better understanding of the art of pottery and wood-firing.
Supporting local businesses where you can get the authentic pottery experience at the heart of where all the dragon kilns are located through attending their workshops available to schools and the public. There’s an activity for everyone – with various one-time off workshops to being able to learn the potter’s wheel course from the best in their craft! You can even go for a guided tour (40-60mins) around Singapore’s one and only surviving dragon kilns to indulge in its history-rich stories and heritage. What’s best about this place is that it’s pet friendly! By bringing your beloved pet to the workshops, you would be able to customize your pet bowl with its paw, name and colour! How lovely.


For the adventurous souls, exploring the now defunct Old Jurong Line Railway Bridge, which was previously a 9 mile freight route used to connect the coastal warehouses at the Jurong Industrial Estate to the mainline at Bukit Timah. It was opened in early 1966 and stopped operating during the mid-1990s.
Over the years, due to changing trends in logistical transport, it led to more efficient methods of transportation and the Jurong Railway ceased operations. Since then, the unused railway tracks of the Jurong Line have been a hidey-hole for explorers and wildlife enthusiasts alike.


Hay Dairies is the only goat farm left in Singapore. It was established in 1988 and has more than 800 goats of mixed bred, with heritage from Minnesota, US. Goat enthusiasts and animal lovers would be able to explore the unbeaten tracks of Singapore and see how this goat farm sells and maintains top-grade supply of goat milk.
One can see how the establishment milk their goats every morning, from 9.00a.m. to 10.30a.m. It’s a perfect location for an interesting family vacation to allow children to see one of the last remaining farms in action. Goat feeding, done with premium goat feed, is one of the main activities that you can do as a family as you walk along and explore the premises. It’s rather inaccessible by public transport and hence, renting a car would be useful for a day trip like this. Do note that the farm is closed every tuesday, (except public holidays).


The Grandstand, and the areas around it, is home to not only local establishments, but for animal lovers, adrenaline junkies and avid explorers alike. For one, you can get to live your fantasy of being the “Lewis Hamilton” of the electric go-karting scene as you explore The Karting Arena at the Grandstand. At only $50, you get the first 2 simulator rides around the track. Subsequent rides cost $25.
Ready for a game of soccer? Well, ‘The Premier Pitch’ has both indoor and outdoor pitches, allowing you to play at any time, in any weather. So, gather a few friends and book a slot for $50/hr during the off-peak hours, and have a ball of fun.
Last, but definitely not the least, is ‘Horsecity’, where animal lovers can get to ride on ponies and feed the donkeys. Definitely a place to visit as beyond the world of horses and stables, there are restaurants and quaint cafes for you to chill and relax after an eventful roadtrip in the West of Singapore while using the best car rental you can find.
The Grandstand also offers ‘Red Dynasty Paintball Park’, where you can get to challenge a couple of friends in a competitive game of paintball. The adrenaline rush would surely get to you, as the strategic game would not only test your tactical skills, but also give you a fun opportunity to exercise as you run, dodge and aim at your friendly competition.



Reminiscing about the Hot Springs in Japan and Korea, fret not as Singapore presents its own flair of hot springs in the Northern tip of our city state. Sembawang Hot Springs Park features various foot baths and hot spring water collection points for you to enjoy the only hot spring park in Singapore. Featuring its iconic history and geology, families and friends alike get to experience the rustic feel of the park and it’s sure to rile up some emotions as you reminisce about the old kampung times while soaking your feet in the footbath pool. However, before heading to the park, be sure to pack in your own buckets or pails in your rented car for personal use in the park. You can even cook an egg or two at the Cooking Points. What an experience!


Ready to wine and dine, Wheeler’s Estate is THE place to go for the ideal place to go as a 2-acre wide British military airspace turns into an iconic establishment where picnics, cycling enthusiasts and diners collide. It even prizes itself as an iconic place where parties are held, solemnization takes place, and they cater to all types of joyous occasions – birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries – you name it! So soak in the festive mood and join in the fun today (adhering to the safe distancing measurements in place, of course).


Mandai Road is a 2-lane road that connects Woodlands Road to the junction between Upper Thomson Road and Sembawang Road, and along it, are iconic landmarks and places of interest like the Singapore Zoo, Seletar Reservoir Park and the Mandai Orchid Gardens. What’s special about this road, making it an ideal road-trip destination with a cheap car rental, is that NParks initiated the Heritage Road Scheme in 2001, and Mandai Road has been coined a Heritage Road in 2005, where the city plans to conserve scenic roads, along with its mature trees and lush greenery. So be sure to drive a little slower along these protected roads, wind down your window panes and enjoy the sounds and sights of the flora and fauna at both sides of the road.


Being coined as Singapore’s first ASEAN Heritage Park, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is 130 hectares of wetland, mudflats, marshes and forests, home to a plethora of migratory birds, mudskippers, water snakes, monitor lizards and other creatures that call this Heritage Park their home. It’s an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, and a great place to seek solace from the scenic and peaceful natural sanctuary. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is also connected to the Sungei Buloh Nature Park Network, which extends to the Kranji Marshes and Kranji National Park, where trekkers enjoy the ecological gems of the mushy trails and their friendly inhabitants. Being one of the more inaccessible parks by public transports, it’s a clear winning destination for car rental customers looking for a scenic yet enriching hike in the largest marshes in Singapore.

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