Car Rental Road Trips in Singapore (SOUTH & EAST)

You may be wondering: where to do road trip in such a small city state? Well, COVID-19 has become more of a psychological warfare, with fatigue setting in after more than half a year of battling this virus. Most of us are dying to get out of Singapore for a short getaway, especially since September holidays are just around the corner. However, as we all know, travel restrictions are unlikely to be curtailed any time soon, and so we might have to look within our humble abode to find places to bring our families and to take a breather from our day-to-day activities.
For short term car rental customers who are looking to travel during this September holidays, you may want to consider taking various road trips around Singapore and uncover the hidden gems that lie within the island.
These are some driving hotspots in Singapore that you may want to consider. We recommend the use of private transport to these areas as they are rather ulu (remote). Of course, there are other gems located in the heart of the east, but the focus of this article primarily lies on covering the less beaten roads, parks and recreational areas and that are best preferred to be accessed with a car. This is where a short term car rental or daily car rental plan may come in handy.



Tanah Merah Coast Road is a long stretch of scenic “coastal” roads situated on the east side of the sunny island, with picturesque views of the perfectly pruned trees along each side of the neatly paved roads. It’s also one of the only on-road cycling lanes in Singapore, with demarcating lines to differentiate lanes for vehicles and cycling paths to ensure safety. Thus, both cyclists and drivers can enjoy the long, scenic view of the east coast before arriving at their final destination. Starting from Tanah Merah Country Club, it stretches all the way to our next suggested location, Changi Village, where a wide range of activities and local brunch spots awaits.


For day trips along the east side of sunny Singapore, one can also drop by Changi Village, our pride and joy of the Easties, to enjoy the hawker culture and the great food that it has to offer. Changi Village is one of the enclaves in the southeastern part of Singapore. There, you can visit the Changi Point Coastal Walk, which presents you a 2.2km of breath-taking view of Singapore’s southeasternmost waterfront. You can even take a bumboat at Changi Point Ferry Terminal to venture to our small island of Pulau Ubin, to explore the ‘kampong’ villages, appreciate the disused granite quarries and indulge in the various flora and fauna of the quaint island.
There are six sections along the walk: Creek Walk, Beach Walk, Sailing Point Walk, Cliff Walk, Kelong Walk and Sunset Walk.


Feeling hungry? The Changi Village Hawker Center presents a plethora of local food options! From Amigo Chicken Chop Hor Fun, to International Muslim Food Stall Nasi Lemak, to western food at Charlie’s Corner, this hawker center is sure to get your taste buds all tingling and ready to feast!
However, the timing to reach the stores are crucial – too early and the stores will not be open; too late and the food may be sold out! So get your tissue paper packets ready and be there early to “chope” your seats for an affordable but satisfying feast!
Beyond the hustle and bustle of the Changi Village Hawker Centre, there are many other quaint yet hipster cafes that could satisfy your taste buds, while providing you with the leisure feel of the nearby park.


Continuing your journey along the east coast, you can travel along the east coast park service road. Rolling down your window shields, you would be able to enjoy the calming views of the beach, the waves and the windy breeze. Being one of the most treasured urban getaways of the East, you are able to get off at any of the car parks to enjoy the myriad of beach and water activities that East Coast Park has to offer – beach volleyball, cycling and cable skiing, just to name a few. You can even spend a night there camping, barbecuing and even trying out some of the eateries in store for you as you take a breather and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.
You can also get to discover Bedok Jetty, a popular angling spot with both shallow and deep water fishing. It is a melting pot of like-minded individuals from the local fishing community with different fishing experiences. It’s another experience where you can get in touch with marine life and re-experience Mother Nature as you embark on your own road trip.
Map Credits: Google Maps
To find out more about the parks in the east, you may want to visit the Singapore National Park Services for more information.



The Southern Ridges Trail connects a series of parks that stretches over 10km in the south tip of Singapore. This includes Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, Hort Park and Labrador Nature Reserve. With an activity for all, it serves as a green-space for hiking enthusiasts, bikers and nature lovers alike. It’s definitely well worth a visit, for families, big or small to embark on as it is both rich in history and with scenic views of the flora and fauna our home country provides.
Iconic sites include the Kent Ridge Park offers a 0.3km Canopy Walk that is levelled at 280m above ground level. You will be experiencing a bird’s eye view of the secondary forest amongst the flora and fauna of the forest canopy.
Another iconic structure to be awed is the Henderson Wave, connecting Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park, with its renowned wave-like structure being 36m above Henderson Road, making it the highest pedestrian road in Singapore.


For those history buffs and cafe snobs, Dempsey Hill is a must-go. Former british barracks were converted into a uniquely crafted selection of cafes, upscale stores and bistros. It lends itself to be one of the most historically yet culturally rich places in Singapore. There is always something for everyone in the family.
One could also appreciate the antiquated yet whimsical arts scene, Dempsey Hill provides an apt lifestyle destination where they feature different boutique stores ranging from painting collections, to various furniture stores along the iconic stretch of retail outlets.
Lastly, one could stumble upon the nature heritage trail along Minden Road and Harding Road where you could soak in the unique architectural twang of the old barracks and immerse yourself in the locally Singaporean architecture where old meets the new.


Sentosa is well known for its internationally acclaimed Universal Studios Theme Park, and iconic tourist destination highlights like the South East Asian Aquarium and the Adventure Cove Waterpark, amongst other well-known attractions in the Resorts World Sentosa Integrated Resort.
Map Credits: Google Maps
On top of these quintessential attractions, one can also take a road trip down to Ocean Drive Sentosa. Its scenic views would captivate resort-goers as they enjoy the breath-taking sunrise and sunset while driving along the coast of the southernmost tip of Singapore.

Car Rental Services in Singapore

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We wish you all a fun and enjoyable journey along the coasts of the east of Singapore. Put your sunscreens on, get your bellies full and most importantly, stay safe!

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