Best Way To Travel in Singapore & Overseas Via Car Rental This Holiday Season

The March Holidays are around the corner and many of us are planning to embark on road trips both domestically and international travel. With that said, paid tours have become a thing in the past and road trips are an increasingly great way to see a country and to travel more ground with ease. With the inflationary market underway, it does not stop people from the long awaited get-away since the COVID lock downs and almost 3 years of travel restrictions. 


For those with international licenses, renting a car may be a good option, since the demands of the travel may be different from your everyday commute – from extra leg space, to extra trunk storage space, mileage concerns, and even differences in asphalt conditions. 


Perhaps renting a car would be something to consider on a road trip both for international and domestic tourism as it increases the comfortability of traveling with the right vehicle.  


Here’s some suggestions on some cars for different purposes of the travel: 


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Best for Environmental Friendly Cruising – Electric Vehicles & Hybrid Vehicles 

Electric Vehicles: 

Electric vehicles are up and coming in the market, and hence, it may be a fun way to test drive an electric vehicle via renting on a holiday, to assess if it meets your commuting needs. A huge benefit of electric vehicles would be that you need not be at the mercy of petrol costs, while being kinder to the environment, could tip you over as an electric vehicle convert. 


Examples: Chevrolet Bolt or Tesla (Model Y, X, 3 or Model S) have long electric range spanning to more than 200 miles (which is around 320km) per charge which reduces the number of charges per trip. Although costlier on the upfront, (~$230/week in the US), it packs a punch as compared to other models and for short term car rentals, it may serve you trip well with less trips to the charging stations. The cons: countries that you may want to rent these cars from should have a substantial electric-charging infrastructure to ensure that your car is able to be charged back to full capacity at relative ease. 

Hybrid Vehicles: 

If electric vehicles should be too daunting for you – hybrids aren’t too shabby an alternative. A mix between gasoline and electricity charges the vehicle for fuel efficiency which then allows for lower fuel costs, without range anxiety and meticulous planning on where the next electric charge point would be. Although many factors would make up what is considered to be the “best hybrids” for road trips, honorable mentions are the Toyota Sienna (For SUV) and Honda Accord (For Sedans). 


Toyota Sienna: On top of being able to carry 7-8 passengers, it has great space for cargo behind the 3rd row of seats, making it friendly for big family trips. With hands-free sliding doors, a quick kicking motion could open the doors for passengers and the rear lift-gate, allowing for easy and convenient travels with full hands of bulky cargo. 

Travels with Lots of Cargo & Potential Car Camping 

Most campers would like to be prepared and to plan ahead for all possible weather and road conditions. In times like this, cars with more interior space, cargo space, high mileage range, off-road and towing abilities are a huge plus. Newer vehicles would also allow for a fortified roof where campers can pitch a tent on top of the car, allowing for a great star gazing space. 


The Subaru Outback is one great example of an ideal camping vehicle. With rugged exterior rims protecting against trail hazards, and 8.7 inches of ground clearance and symmetrical all-wheel drive capabilities, it provides campers with more stability and control over slippery surfaces, enabling fantastic off-road capabilities which can survive almost any terrain. With about 30 cubic metres of passenger space for front and rear seats and about 9.7 cubic metres of cargo space with full passenger capacity, it definitely fits the bill in terms of huge cargo capabilities. Lastly, the car provides for almost 600 miles (965km) of driving range, enabling campers to travel the distance, providing reassurance of a smooth drive, and to reduce the fret of making it to the next gas station with sufficient fuel to spare. 


Off-the-beaten Road Travels 

When it comes to off-beaten roads, the ability to have a good grip on the untraveled roads is paramount. Checking for suspension ability, the option of all-terrain tires and four-wheel drive system for stability and adequate traction, and the option to switch driving gears for different terrains are some main pointers to look out for. Safety features like the crawl control systems and off-road turn assist are essential in keeping you and your passengers safe. 


For example: The Jeep Grand Cherokee comes to mind as a superior choice for both suburban and off-road travels for the young and the old. It also has a special Terrain-Select that adapts to the terrain, assisting the driver in the most comfortable drive possible. It comes in 2-row and 3-row (for bigger families; or more cargo); offering plenty of space for passengers and cargo. 


Best for Big Families 

Fine tuning your search to vehicles with 3 rows and with huge cargo space is the way forward for big families, regardless of the destination. 


Toyota Alphard is one example of traveling with comfort. With 6 seater configurations and great cargo space, this vehicle is suitable in all forms – from the grocery to luggage space on long haul road trips. Moreover, its high fuel efficiency gives the car rental customers the assurance of having a great bank for your buck with 2.5litres of fuel capacity. 


Budget Travels 

For couple or solo trips, many of the sedans and/or hatchbacks are very suitable options since they are generally most affordable and are highly efficient. What we ideally want in a budget travel is good legroom, a vehicle that is fuel efficient & reliable, and that it can alternate between city and nature travels for the ultimate versatility. 


Honda Fit is another popular choice as it provides huge cargo space (of up to 15 cubic metres) for a small hatchback, with the versatility of folding the seats for bulky luggages to be stowed. 


Renting A Car Best For Your Needs 

With all this being said, it’s most important to consider your needs. Regardless of budget, passenger needs, or even terrain constraints, there always is a car for you. Check out our articles on that can help guide you on your next car rental journey:


Where to go in Singapore with your Rental Car? 

There is no shortage of places to travel in Singapore with your rented car this holiday. Hop onto a rented car for a joyride across the island, as you uncover the hidden recreational gems that our small island has to offer. 


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