A Guide To The Different Types of Car Rental Vehicles

As you peruse through the available fleets on various car rental companies’ websites, a natural question that frequently comes to mind could be: What’s the difference between different types of cars?



  • A passenger car with four doors (seating: max 5 pax)
  • Separate trunk from the passenger seats.
  • Larger cargo space than the MPVs and SUVs
  • Typically separated into 3 portions: the front portion (where the engine is), the middle portion (for passenger seating), and the back portion (for cargo).
  • More fuel efficient compared to SUVs and MPVs
  • Apt safety features


Possibly the most popular vehicles type on the road, the saloons have withstood the test of time as they continue to provide commuters with the most practical way of getting around. Other than being able to comfortably accommodate its maximum of 5 passengers on board, since its main use is to enable safe commuting of passengers, engineers have designed for it to come with sufficient safety features.
Additionally, due to its lighter weight compared to MPV and SUV counterparts, they are rather fuel efficient, which might be able to save you some
Popular saloon models of car rental customers include: Toyota Corolla Altis, Mazda 3 Sedan, Mazda 6 Sedan, Toyota Camry
For more luxurious options: BMW 3 Series Sedan, Audi A4, Volkswagen Passat, Mercedes Benz E-Class Sedan
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In search for a handy dandy family vehicle, well, the MPVs may be the vehicle most suited for your car rental needs.

The MPVs stand for Multi Purpose Vehicles, sometimes affectionately referred to as the Minivan.


  • Three rows of forward facing seats (seating: max 7 pax)
  • Sliding passenger car doors (usually for larger size MPVs) – preventing the chance of banging rear doors with neighbouring cars
  • Large hatchback – rear doors swinging upwards, providing better access to cargo
  • Greater height for cargo space
  • Multiple Isofix spots (suitable for families with young ones requiring child seats)


MPVs have little car body extending beyond the wheels, allowing as much space to be allocated to seating and cargo space. With ample space, they are also known as people carriers where these cars are able to carry more than 6 people, allowing a comfortable commute nonetheless. These vehicles are very versatile – in some models, foldable seats at the second and third row can also allow for additional cargo space, making it the vehicle of choice for logistics transportation. Hence, these the MPV is an ideal car for big families, with flexible seating arrangement and configurations. Being relatively smaller and lighter-weight as compared to the SUV counterparts, another benefit would be that the MPVs are more fuel efficient, allowing you to obtain more bang for your buck during each drive.
Some popular MPVs for car rental customers include: Toyota Wish, Toyota Prius Plus Hybrid, Mazda 5
More Luxurious Options Include: Toyota Vellfire/Alphard, Renault Grand Scenic
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Mazda CX5
Lastly, SUVs stand for Sports Utility Vehicles.


  • Two or three rows of seating (seating: max 7 pax).
  • Scaling multiple terrains
  • Have great hauling capabilities
  • Great storage space – great height in cargo space
  • Large interior space
  • Typically have high powered engines and are thus not as fuel efficient as other vehicles types.
  • Since they are bulkier in size, they are trickier to manoeuvre


If you like the rugged look, then the SUVs may be your ideal drive. These robust yet spacious and sturdy vehicles were built to be driven on off-road terrains. With a high centre of gravity and seating, this design allows the car to be driven comfortably through furrowed terrains without scraping the underside of the car. Additionally, the SUVs are also optimal for drives that range through varying seasons – be it heavy snow or torrential rains, the SUVs sturdy wheels are optimal for cruising through slippery road conditions.


Drivers may find it to be more challenging to drive the SUV as compared to other vehicles, especially in tight areas like car parks and narrow, winding roads. Moreover, due to its larger size of blindspot, drivers need to take extra precaution when changing lanes along the expressway. With advancements of technology, there are some SUVs like the Volvo XC90 that provide blind spot monitors to better facilitate drivers and to provide the additional safety measure. Lastly, due to their high powered engines, greater steel weight and less aerodynamic drag, SUVs may not be the most fuel efficient vehicle out of the bunch.
Some popular SUVs for car rental customers include: Toyota Harrier, Honda Vezel, Mazda CX-5, Mitsubishi Outlander.
More luxurious options include: BMW X5, Volvo XC90, Mercedes Benz GLC.
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