The Do’s and the Why’s of Car Maintenance

Why is Proper Maintenance of Cars Needed?

Similar to household chores, where we attempt to carry out as frequent as individually possible, the same attitude is required for maintaining a car. While car rental services provide regular maintenance for rented vehicles, understanding the rationale behind why maintenance of our vehicles is absolutely crucial in sustaining the life of our trusty extension of gadgets we use to enhance our daily lives. A disruption to the ability to use our vehicles would be an inconvenience.
For short term car rentals and long term car rentals, fret not as the maintenance work would be done for you by the car rental company. If there were to be any major maintenance work to be done for your car, the car rental company would most likely provide you with a replacement car in the meantime while your rented car is in repair.
However, for car owners, due diligence is needed to keep the car running at an optimal level.

5 Reasons to Justify Maintenance of Cars


Doing the due diligence of bringing the car for maintenance could be the key component to a safe drive and for a car to run efficiently. It also allows for critical components of the car to be running sustainably and optimally. During regular servicing, the maintenance entails the inspection of all engine, transmission, cooling, brake and suspension components. This maintenance work is normally done twice every year or once the mileage reaches 10,000 km, whichever comes first, to assist in catching any flaws in the automobile prior to its being rented and to prolong the durability of the vehicle.
In example, nothing can be worse than a compromised brake system as it may lead to the inability for the vehicle to stop timely. Doing so would help to prevent traffic accidents, and ensures our safety and that of others on the road. From 2013 – 2018, defective brakes caused a total of 3,894 reported accidents that resulted in injuries and deaths in Britain, according to the Department of Transport. Moreover, another statistic found 15 deaths relating to defective brakes in 2018, the highest annual number over 6 years. These statistics could have been significantly reduced and avoided with regular maintenance, and if this could happen overseas, these statistics could happen in Singapore too.
Hence, regular maintenance gives us a peace of mind knowing that our vehicles are properly maintained and the safety of the drivers, passengers and pedestrians are upheld.


On the lines of safety, proper maintenance of cars is crucial in preventing sudden car breakdowns whilst commuting. Common reasons for these breakdowns may be pertaining to flat tires and overheated engines. All of which could be prevented by adhering to our regularly scheduled car maintenance and servicing. In these cases, drivers would have no choice but to call roadside emergency hotline and towing services, which would cause massive inconvenience to not only the driver but to on-coming traffic and other pedestrians.


The maintenance costs are dependent on the type of vehicle (luxury/sedan), car mileage and engine capacity. Should you skip on regular maintenance, repair costs (if any) could amount to thousands of dollars each time; not to mention additional time taken to renew it back to its original state.
An added benefit would be the reduced the cost of fuel as the engines and pipes could be working at optimal efficiency, ensuring that you would make less trips to the petrol kiosks to fill up the gas tanks. This is also why car rental services do conduct regular maintenance and servicing for all rented cars as their customers are able to maximize the efficiency of their rented cars.


To all environmental conservationists out there, it’s heartening to know that by taking efforts to maintain your vehicle, you are doing your part in contributing to a cleaner and sustainable climate of commuting. As we advance into cleaner and greener car alternatives like hybrid cars and electric cars in the future, taking responsibility for the diesel and fossil-fueled cars that most car owners use today is paramount. For example, modern oils contain cleaning agents that preserve the internal parts of the engine in good working condition. Long term use of these engines would cause these oils to deteriorate in its efficiency as this may cause carbon build-up along these essential pipes. This would cause the engines to be less efficient, thus needing to consume more oil. By doing regular servicing, it will help contribute to a cleaner and greener environment, reducing carbon emissions and maximizing fuel efficiency.


If there are any near or future plans to sell the car (due to hefty costs of COE) for other personal or financial reasons, keeping your car in the best of conditions by staying on top of your maintenance schedule is important. Like buying an iPhone screen protectors and phone covers to protect your phone against the daily grind and carelessness in efforts to keep it in its best condition in the eventuality that you will one day sell it to a second-hand phone retailer; doing our routine maintenance checks upkeeps your car in its best possible shape and it will get you the best possible amount when you do sell it.

How Often Should A Car Be Brought For Maintenance Checks?

The best way of knowing how often a car should be brought to maintenance would be to check its user manual. Of course, depending on how frequently the car is driven, the road quality and how conscientious the vehicle is maintained, this number may vary. On average, a car should be brought for regular servicing twice a year or 10,000 km, whichever comes first.

How Long Does it Take to Service Cars?

Most servicing centers would provide a waiting area for car owners to relax and wait for their cars to be ready. If you are on any rental car agreement, be it short term car rental, long term car rental or corporate car rental in Singapore, most car rental companies do provide you with a replacement car should your vehicle require servicing/maintenance, which is an added service for your convenience.
At BizLink Rent-A-Car Pte Ltd, fret not as our rented cars are serviced to its finest quality before it is being rented out to customers. Should you wish to find out more about the maintenance procedures of our cars, check us out at or speak to the support team at or at +65 6285 6616.

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